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Secretary Desk
Md. Zeyauddin (Secretary)

I believe in complete up bringing of the child by the training of head. heart and hand. My aim is to providing true education to children by unfolding the inborn power and emphasising the release of child forces of intelligence, and to give the society such youths as they would help to create revolutions in the fields which they choose.

I endeavor to inculcate in students the values of honesty, tolerance, hard work, social justice and equality for the weaker section of our Indian society. Knowledge prevails over the evils of illiteracy and the light of education dispels the darkness. Hence education is a must, words worth has rightly said. “The child is the father of man”. Hence we take proper care of a child from the very beginning, We teach the children the lessons of determination patience and perseverance. It is Justified that an educated man is not so much a man of learning, as a man whose intelligence has been trained.


I believe education of the soul is the soul human mind from the bondage of ignorance and leads towards enlightment. I believe that a school should stand for excellence and quality in education. It's quite true to the word that "The hand that rocks the cradle rule the world. I am grateful and thankful to all my well-wishers and to all those directly or indirectly concerned with our school.